Our Profile

Ambiance of India invites you to come and enjoy traditional Indian cuisine in an authentic Indian atmosphere. As in the name of the restaurant, your dining experience will be like a trip to India. We strive to craft the splendour of Indian cooking and continue to celebrate the extraordinary flavours of India.

For us, true Indian dining is about bringing friends and families together to socialise, share good times and make lasting memories. We’ve created a stunning space and a delectable menu, with plates of love and loved ones even closer. The ingredients sourced are proudly fresh and of premium quality. We offer vegan and gluten free options as well.

Our dining room is like a living work of art: replete with handmade furnishings amidst a beautiful decor showcasing the sights, sounds and scents of the finest of Indian society. Relaxed and pampered by our attentive staff, you will feel yourself transported into a luxurious and exclusive club in the heart of India.

With our culinary repertoire and genuine hospitality we wish to create a totally unique dining experience for you and your family. There is a special kitchen for clay oven with a nice view for our guests. We have created a spot in the middle of the restaurant with three clay ovens in such a way that our guests can view their meals being prepared. Tandoor is an amazing equipment which is a centuries old traditional method of cooking in the northern part of India. Food is cooked from the uniformly balanced heat of the clay. There is a special kitchen for clay oven with a nice view for our guests. We have created a spot in

We have endeavoured to rekindle the charm of traditional clay oven with our succulent tandoor grilled delicacies. Our authentic culinary renditions and decor symbolizing warmth, much like the traditional hospitality of India, will set the guests on a path of nostalgia, etching the ethos of India in tradition, service and fare. At Ambiance of India you will escape the mundane and enter the exceptional.